Elliott Clinic Manager

Manage Medication and Track Prophylaxis Public Health Events

ID Card Issuance

Enroll personnel by creating personal records in a centralized database that can be shared with other groups throughout your organization. Capture data with a simple scan of a driver's license and enter additional pertinent information.

Create Assignments

User EEMS to create assignments for Emergency First Responders and Volunteers based on their Certifications and specialties to ensure their effectiveness implementing the task given.

Check In/ Out

Scan First Responders and Volunteers moving in and out of checkpoints throughout the emergency incident scene. Know who's in each division and get a time stamp of their check in/out activity.

Monitor Event Activity

View event data and monitor activity to better manage personnel assignments onsite during an event. Sync data from handhelds at checkpoints wirelessly or manually upload with the click of a button.

Generate Reports

Reports can be generated on all data captured on personnel and event activity during or after an emergency event. These reports make auditing and grant reimbursement processes much easier and more accurate than using a manual process.

Product Information

The Elliott Clinic Manager Solution is a software program designed to provide healthcare related emergency first responders the ability to enroll recipients, collect medical questionnaires and dispense medication during an emergency response when integrated with Elliott's Emergency Event Manager and Asset Manager Mobile Solutions. Health Departments large and small are able to track resources and medication from the warehouse to the Point of Distribution to the patient using one integrated accountability and identification solution.

Elliott Clinic Manager

> Enroll recipients on-site.

> Provide a dynamic medical questionnaire.

>Product face sheets with a barcode.

> Group family members together.

> Dispense medication and supplies.

> Prevent recipients from receiving duplicate medication.

> Manage medication by lot, NDC#, unique ID and expiration date.

> Track recipients throughout an event by scanning their face sheet, wristband, or credentials.

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