EPIC Track App users are tracking more events throughout their organizations, schools,
universities, etc. than ever before! New features such as count thresholds with time frame
limitations, event counts by location, and count down tracking have expanded application
opportunities and eliminated manual tracking processes.


St. Louis, MO May 23, 2021 - Elliott Data Systems, Inc., an expert in the development and
integration of the Mobile SolutionsTM line of identification, accountability, and tracking solutions,
released version 2.2.8 of EPIC Track software today. EPIC Track is a universal tracking solution
that performs simple check-in and check-out of any kind of routine or special event. Tracking m...

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Watch this recorded demonstration displaying how quick and easy it is to register people onsite and track vaccine issuance using Mobile ID Spot. Elliott Mobile Solutions® representative Randy Lay, will introduce you to the hardware, software, and application process step-by-step and share a Mobile Solutions® advanced event management check in/out option that may also be used at vaccination sites.


Watch Randy Lay demonstrate onsite registration & vaccine issuance in seconds.

1. Scan driver’s license
2. Scan QR codes to identify vaccine manufacturer & dosage
3. Choose the # of labels required & print on the spot
4. Adhere labels to CDC card and internal forms


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There is a reason why Chick-fil-a restaurants manage multiple lines of traffic through their drive-thru and issue meals in a relatively quick amount of time – teams of mobile registration. This strategy does not wait for people to get to the head of the line, they come to you and capture your information and order quickly and efficiently using mobile devices and a team of staff. Customers aren’t frustrated by long lines because they submit their order to the attendant while they are waiting, and the line keeps moving. It is not rocket science, it is efficient event management and its exactly how Elliott’s Mobile Solutions® for Mobile Registration & Vaccine Issuance Tr...

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The recent release of Mobile Solutions software v8.1 has brought greater efficiency and additional data management updates.

Mobile Solutions® v8.1 Software Updates

  • Efficiency Updates to the Personnel Pages
  • Added Medications as an Asset Type
  • Efficiency Updates for Signature Pad Use
  • Added Advanced Change Logging and Reports
  • General Efficiency Updates

Version 8.1 updates will automatically run on Mobile Solutions® software as users open their current software. Technical support is not required to complete this transition.

Please contact Elliott's technical support with
any questions regarding this update.

Have a High Volume of Tech Ready to Issue to Students?

Want to Track Asset Checkout Data Instantly Using Multiple Administrators?

EPIC Track is the Answer.

School Administrators can issue hotspots, tablets, instruments, laptops, or other school assets to in-class and virtual students within minutes using the EPIC Track automated App from their smartphone, tablet or other handheld device. Simply scan the student ID or choose a name from a drop-down list, assign an asset to them by scanning the item barcode, and click the check-in button. It's that easy! Once the student has been assigned items, the EPIC Track software has a time stamped record of the student's name &/or student number and all o...

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EPIC Track is the perfect solution for K-12 School districts to use when managing new school learning atmospheres during the Coronavirus pandemic. Identify and record a student's temperature using the EPIC Track App before they enter a school bus each morning or at drop-off before they enter the school building.

Simply scan the barcode on the student ID cards or choose the student's name from a dropdown list, then choose the accurate temperature reading from a dropdown list using your smartphone, a tablet or other handheld device. All students measuring a safe temperature reading gain access.

temp-post-imageUsing EPIC Track is a simple and fast way to identify and record data which may be used at any time to...
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The team from Elliott Data Systems wishes you a fun and safe Independence Day! Our office will be closed on Friday, July 3 2020. After hours technical support service will be available for emergencies. Holiday rates apply.


As business continue to gradually reopen, one of the guidelines from the health departments are to establish protocols that provide customer contact information for contact tracing should an employee or customer of an establishment become infected with the COVID-19 virus. According to an article from, in the St. Louis area, many restaurants and salons are writing down names, and either a phone number or email address of their customers who visit the business in case they need to inform them of a possible interaction with someone infected with the COVID-19 virus.

Elliott Mobile Solutions has created a COVID-19 Occupancy Management Solution that will quickly gather visitor contact dat...

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Higher education institutions are planning how and if they can reopen their campuses in the fall due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In an article by Robin Hattersley-Grey in CampusSafety Magazine, she discusses how important screening, testing, contact tracing and PPE are in preventing the spread of COVID-19. As many pandemic experts believe that a second surge of the virus in late fall or winter could be more serious, it is important for safety guidelines to be implemented among educational institutions to keep staff and students safe and healthy.

Elliott's Mobile Solutions team is here to support K-12 schools and higher education in creating a safer environment on school grounds as they plan for...

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Elliott Mobile Solutions offer a variety of automated identification and accountability solutions used to manage the COVID-19 Response. Many of these solutions offer basic or more advanced options and each solution may be integrated together to create a more comprehensive, automated solution to meet your organization's needs. Learn more at or contact Randy Lay, Elliot's National Mobile Solutions Sales Manager at 618-530-1333 or


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