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Amplify your organization's abilities by having critical information at your fingertips using Mobile Solutions® Identification and accountability tools.

Core Products

EPIC Track

A universal tracking solution designed for basic event tracking of routine or special events. Track people - places - things and generate simple reports on event activity. A solution that is adaptable to nearly any type of basic event tracking scenario.

Mobile Badging Unit

Take your identity program on the road with this mobile badging station solution. This mobile unit can be easily transported anywhere making it easy to support multiple locations and groups using only one unit.

Mobile ID

Personnel data management software used to create and manage records, create ID cards, and access one centralized database. Create an organization-wide administrative network to create IDs and manage data.

Emergency Event Manager

Manage Emergency First Responders on-site at an incident scene by identifying and tracking personnel activity and information. Generate reports on all activity to maximize federal funding and data analysis.

Asset Manager

Identify and track assets with all pertinent information needed to manage inventory and maintenance of permanent or disposable items. Track any item large or small within one location or among an entire network of locations.

Elliott Clinic Manager

Manage public health events both large and small by using a process of automated patient enrollment, medication and supply dispense tracking and POD management by tracking patients from start to finish during a prophylaxis event.

Accountability Manager

Identify and manage day-to-day activity of document staff, members, visitors, etc. within any type of organization.

Construction Site Manager

Track workers/visitors and monitor job site activity while having access to comprehen- sive documented worker data for accurate payroll and audits.

Casino Track

Identify and track players at the door who are listed on voluntary internal or state barred self-exclusion lists.

Credentialing & Manual Accountability

A packaged system that combines traditional manual tracking with electronic personnel data management to create a powerful and afford- able solution.

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