EPIC Track App users are tracking more events throughout their organizations, schools,
universities, etc. than ever before! New features such as count thresholds with time frame
limitations, event counts by location, and count down tracking have expanded application
opportunities and eliminated manual tracking processes.


St. Louis, MO May 23, 2021 - Elliott Data Systems, Inc., an expert in the development and
integration of the Mobile SolutionsTM line of identification, accountability, and tracking solutions,
released version 2.2.8 of EPIC Track software today. EPIC Track is a universal tracking solution
that performs simple check-in and check-out of any kind of routine or special event. Tracking m...

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Watch this recorded demonstration displaying how quick and easy it is to register people onsite and track vaccine issuance using Mobile ID Spot. Elliott Mobile Solutions® representative Randy Lay, will introduce you to the hardware, software, and application process step-by-step and share a Mobile Solutions® advanced event management check in/out option that may also be used at vaccination sites.


Watch Randy Lay demonstrate onsite registration & vaccine issuance in seconds.

1. Scan driver’s license
2. Scan QR codes to identify vaccine manufacturer & dosage
3. Choose the # of labels required & print on the spot
4. Adhere labels to CDC card and internal forms


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The recent release of Mobile Solutions software v8.1 has brought greater efficiency and additional data management updates.

Mobile Solutions® v8.1 Software Updates

  • Efficiency Updates to the Personnel Pages
  • Added Medications as an Asset Type
  • Efficiency Updates for Signature Pad Use
  • Added Advanced Change Logging and Reports
  • General Efficiency Updates

Version 8.1 updates will automatically run on Mobile Solutions® software as users open their current software. Technical support is not required to complete this transition.

Please contact Elliott's technical support with
any questions regarding this update.

Watch how fast people can be identified and issued an ID wristband with QR barcode while standing in line using the Mobile ID Spot solution. Each person's wristband is scanned and instantly checked into any kind of event once they reach the front of the line at registration using Mobile ID software. This process significantly quickens the entire registration process and even allows you to identify and issue ID wristbands while en route to an event.


The EPIC Track solution now provides a greater user experience and new features that have
expanded its capabilities, added security, and offers greater control through customization, during
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EPIC Track

Easily meet security requirements in the workplace by verifying service worker identities as they arrive at a business location using Mobile ID Validation QR. Simply print a Validation QR on employee ID cards using Mobile ID. Workers may present them to scan the ID card using a smart phone or other mobile device. Customers may view basic personnel data, skills and certifications.

Click Here to view a sample of a Mobile ID Validation Page.


The Mobile Solutions Asset App has been released and is available for download on the Google Play and Apple App stores. This application performs three of the Mobile Solutions software primary functions using a mobile device. Click here for complete details.

Contact Elliott Data Systems at 1-888-345-8511 or visit our website for more information on any of our Mobile Solutions products.


The EPIC Track mobile solution allows you to check documented workers and contractors at job sites as they come and go. Perform check in/out at every job site using the EPIC Track App on a smart phone or kiosk station to track time and attendance, assign assets and collect report data for greater accountability. Watch this quick video to learn how EPIC Track works.

For more information on EPIC Track or to schedule an online demonstration, contact Elliott Data Systems at 1-888-345-8511 or visit


Construction companies can increase their job site accountability using Validation QR. Validation QR allows you to identify active, documented workers and their current certifications at any time, at any job site, by any person, using the QR scanning app. Watch the video to learn more!

If you would like to learn more or schedule a free demo, contact us at 1-888-345-8511 or visit


Technology can be a huge benefit to an organization, especially when it comes to asset tracking. Assets can by physical, human, financial etc., and it is important to manage these assets from an economic and safety point of view.

Automated tracking systems are faster, more accurate and require less manpower, but it is important to use an up-to-date system to match your organization's needs. Another significant benefit to asset tracking is "real-time" results. This is crucial for detecting theft, knowing exact product, locations and updating asset numbers. The reports generated from asset tracking software can be utilized from a mobile device or from an on-site location. For a more in-depth lo...

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